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Special Integrated Design

Industrial Automation, Special Purpose Machines and PLC Control Systems

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Special Integrated Design Ltd was established in 2000 as a company specialising in industrial automation technology.

We are located in Coleford, Gloucestershire, UK and are ideally placed to serve businesses throughout the South West, Midlands and South Wales.

Our Core Business Areas

Special purpose machines

    Utilising our mechanical and electrical CAD capability, we can design and manufacture special purpose machinery to a given user requirement specification (URS). We have the in-house capability to handle all aspects of a project. This ranges from mechanical design and manufacture through to the specification and construction of the electrical and pneumatic/hydraulic control systems.

PLC based control system manufacture

    Design and manufacture of electrical control panels, ranging from straightforward electrical cabinets through to systems incorporating distributed control technology, multi-axis servo drives, industrial networking etc.

PLC & HMI programming

    We have a great deal of experience in PLC and HMI programming with all of the major manufacturers, as well as for many of the lesser known brands. We are able to provide modifications to existing PLC programs, replacement of obsolete or faulty modules as well as comprehensive technical support and documentation services.

Updating obsolescent control systems

    Our experience has shown that over time the primary cause of problems with automated machinery lies with the control system rather than the mechanics. In these instances often the most cost effective solution is to install a completely new replacement control system. Please click here to learn more about this service.

Diagnosis and repair of industrial drives and controls

    Our extensive knowledge of industrial control systems, coupled with the array of diagnostic tools at our disposal mean that we can fault find and repair just about any type of automated machinery.

As industrial automation specialists we can design and manufacture equipment to suit your needs. Maybe you have a requirement for something that is simply not available “off the shelf”, or just too expensive from large volume manufacturers.

Areas of Expertise

  • PLC’s, HMI’s and industrial networking
  • AC and DC servo drives, stepper drives and inverters
  • Machinery safety systems and guarding
  • Displacement and force transducers and associated instrumentation
  • Sensing and detection
  • Vision systems
  • Pneumatic controls
  • UV curing systems
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