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We have developed a printing machine specifically aimed at the stoma care manufacturing sector. This machine uses the screen print process to print the cut-to-size template, identity code and manufacturers information onto skin protector flanges (wafers).

Through the use of UV curing technology the printed surface is dry in under 2 seconds. This is superior to solvent ink based printing as very little heat is transferred into the skin protector and there are no concerns over ink drying on the screen due to solvent evaporation. Precise control of the UV lamp is through our in-house developed stepless control system.

Operation is made very simple through the application of a high degree of automation control. Therefore the machine will function with minimal operator supervision.

The handling system integrated into the printer automates the loading and unloading of parts, freeing up the operator to check the visual quality as the parts are produced.

Skin protectors prior to printing are pre-loaded onto spindles, these in-turn are loaded into the handling unit. As spindle changeover can be accomplished very quickly, machine utilisation is kept as high as possible.

The handling system also incorporates a registration station, which orientates the skin protector such that its tab is correctly positioned before being placed onto the printer turntable.

Product Highlights

  • Cycle time of 2.5 seconds
  • Compact footprint: 1.2 x 0.95m
  • Simple to operate
  • Quick & easy to change screens (job change)

Click HERE to see more views of the Printer

Click on the video link above to see the printer in action.

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