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Do you suffer from machinery that is continually breaking down due to problems with its control system?

Many older machines are well designed and solidly constructed. Our experience has shown that in many cases the primary cause of problems with these machines lies with the control system rather than the mechanics. This situation is compounded by the equipment not often complying with current safety legislation and with poor or nonexistent spares availability.

In these instances often the best solution is to design a new control system. As well as improved uptime there are additional benefits such as a greatly enhanced operator interface, smaller control cabinet footprint, and in some instances improvements in cycle time can be realised.

Furthermore, in designing a new control system the machine’s functionality can be tailored to your exact requirements.

We have considerable experience in the modernisation and upgrading of pharmaceutical equipment, such as tablet presses and fluid bed dryers.

Click HERE to learn more about the tablet press refurbishment service we offer.

See below for an example of our refurbishment service

Modernisation of an Aeromatic fluid bed dryer

Replacement of the original pneumatic control system with a modern software based controlled system.

The following benefits have been realised:

  • Recipe storage facility
  • Operator friendly
  • Reliable
  • Improved process control
  • Alarm monitoring function with clear text based messaging
  • Smaller control cabinet footprint
Aeromatic old

Original Aeromatic Control Panel

From this....to this

Aeromatic new

New Aeromatic Operator Control Panel

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