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1. Design and installation of an updated control system for a Fette PT2080 tablet press

2. Design of a forming press for the Mini Cooper footrest

The customer was increasingly suffering reliability problems with their Fette tablet press. We were asked to investigate. The problem stemmed from the elderly electrical control system, which consisted of purpose designed logic boards mounted in a 19" rack enclosure. Many of the components on these boards were no longer available. The decision was made to scrap the control system and design a new one from scratch, using current technology.

Fette PT2080 console

Fette Tablet Press with New Operator Control Station

Benefits to the Customer

  • Reliability
  • Features and controls tailored to their exact requirements
  • Greatly enhanced ease of use through intuitive operator interface
  • Reduced footprint of new control cabinet
Fette PT2080 Turret

Fette Tablet Press after Refurbishment

(covers removed)

The Mini Cooper footrest is comprised of 2 parts; a plastic backing and a stainless steel trim. The plastic part is retained within the stainless steel part by folding over a series of tabs. The problem was how to bend the tabs without distorting or marking the part in any way.

To achieve this a tool was specifically designed for the task. Careful attention was paid to the geometry of the tab forming linkage to ensure that each tab is formed to a precise angle with a closely maintained force.

Mini footrest forming machine Mini footrest forming machine closeup 1
Mini footrest forming machine closeup 2
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